Acne Scar Removal

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Part of the problem with acne is that it leaves an acne scar at the site of the pimple or lesion, particularly if there is an attempt to pick at or squeeze the blackhead or whitehead associated with the condition. Deciding to treat the active part of the acne condition, namely the visible symptoms, means that a long term treatment program may be required. This is to deal with the scars from old blemishes that healed but left a scar. Essentially, removing a scar is typically a chore for a cosmetic surgeon and may require numerous sessions, depending upon the type of treatment that is appropriate.


An ugly acne scar is one of the residual effects of acne during adolescence. At a time when self esteem is lowest, many teenagers are troubled with blotches, eruptions, swelling, redness and blackheads. If these blemishes go untreated, they may leave a permanent scar that is even more traumatic that the blemish. Only a very small percentage of people have treatment to remove these permanent signs of the condition. A laser can be used for scar removal by a cosmetic surgeon to specifically target and remove the raised scars or pits left by acne.


Roughened skin including minor pitting and thickened skin can often be improved by a process known as dermabrasion. Using a hand held tool that features a rotating brush or disk embedded with diamond dust resurfaces the skin. Only a particular type of acne scar is benefited by this type of procedure. It will lead to reddening since the skin surface is being polished away, going down a couple levels to newer skin cells. The skin that is damaged is scraped away, leaving a healthier and smoother skin surface in the process. It often requires eight to ten days for the skin to heal following the procedure.

Acne Scar Removal


Exfoliation is an important part of the daily skin care routine for those who suffer from acne. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin along with dirt and oil. Exfoliation may not remove an acne scar, but it will help to prevent it when used as a part of a daily cleansing routine. Exfoliation is more a preventative measure than a remedial process. This process doesn’t have a lengthy healing time after the exfoliation as is the case with dermabrasion. Gentle is the key word for accomplishing the exfoliation part of your acne routine. Learn more on

Psychological Factors

It is true that an acne scar can be removed physically, but remained as a blemish on the psychological level. Often, psychological counseling is necessary for those people who have been traumatized by the negative appearance of acne blemishes. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the extra step of seeking psychological counseling in order to boost their self image. A combination of cosmetic surgery and psychological counseling helps the acne sufferer to be healed physically and emotionally. The importance of physical appearance in today’s culture cannot be denied. Removing the scars from your body and your mind means you know you look your best.

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